Do new headbands reduce concussions?

admin October 1, 2013 0

by Alayna Hutchison
It’s game day, and the locker room is crammed with energy.  Everyone is putting their jerseys on, showing off the number they represent.  The time to go is now. Walking out of the locker room it’s realized that a part of your uniform is missing… the concussion prevention headband.


Why exactly is it so important for players to wear these headbands? Coach Louis DiLeonardo said that he’s seeing more and more concussions occurring. So he is in favor of the addition of headbands.


Athletic trainer, Mike Longhofer, had seen a total of six players receive concussions related directly to high school soccer.


Senior Luke Shaw said “they make it hard to direct the ball on a header, but having the extra protection is nice.” Overall he likes them.


A 2010 study shows that “heading” a soccer ball doesn’t actually even cause short- term memory loss or at the least, concussions. Senior Clay Haag said “ a small piece of padding isn’t going to help.”


“People have played soccer for centuries without them, and in my mind, they serve at useless equipment” said Senior Clay Haag.


Being a part of the game, I can attest that it’s frustrating to have a bulky headband constantly falling off. Too many times they’ve fallen off during the game. Why is our school the only one wearing them? “ Anything that helps prevent concussions is a positive thing,” said Coach Louis DiLeonardo.

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